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I'm so Happy you Landed Here!

My passion in life is to help heal and ignite motivation and love for this beautiful life. The world we live in is always changing and therefore WE are always changing. Change is something we tend to resist, however as humans, we are incredibly adaptable and can thrive with the changes.


How we move through the change makes all the difference. I help navigate change with my clients and have dedicated my life to helping others feel empowered with change and growth. I hope to help empower you and help you feel healthy, whole, and connected with your authentic self. I am excited to go on this journey with you to loving this life and healing the relationships you have with others and most importantly yourself.


Hi there! My name is Amy Ruffolo Quinn and I’m Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist. I focus on mind-body-soul connection with my clients.

I specialize in treating eating disorders, psychedelic integration, exercise addiction, substance abuse/dependence, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, maternal mental health (pre/post natal) and healing relationships. 


If you haven’t already noticed I am also an Ocean & Animal Lover! In additional to my therapy practice I also offer Wild Dolphin Wellness Retreats at Your Beautiful Beginning!  Are ready to get started and reach your best self? Let’s Go! I’m excited to meet you!

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