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Hi there! My name is Amy Ruffolo Quinn and I’m Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist focusing on mind-body-soul connection. I specialize in treating eating disorders, exercise addiction, psychedelic integration, substance abuse/dependence, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and healing relationships. Joyful movement is another area I integrate often in my work. I am currently in the process of completing a 300hr Yoga Teacher Training, Ayurvedic Nutrition Certification and Pranayama Certification. I am excited to incorporate these modalities into my therapy practice. 


 I am also a mother and have taken a special interest in work with prenatal and postpartum mothers. I am a graduate of the Postpartum Action Institute and continue learning more about maternal mental health, skills, and resources in how to best support transitioning into motherhood and becoming a parent.  


Pregnancy is a challenging time emotionally and physically for any woman.  When you’ve struggled with an eating disorder, these challenges can be even more intensified and seeking eating disorder therapy during pregnancy is highly recommended.


Together we will work on becoming attuned to your body's natural cues which can allow you to nourish and care for yourself in an intentionally mindful way. This can feel empowering when you've struggled with attuning to your body's needs in the past. Through our work together, you will learn mindfulness skills, attunement skills, how to heal the relationship you have with your body, food, and most importantly yourself as you transition to motherhood.

... I believe when you are passionate about something hang on tight and don’t give up, because the possibilities are

truly incredible.

Along with been recovered from and eating disorder and exercise addiction I learned what healthy movement looks like for me and enjoys helping others find what that may look like for them and their life.


My private practice is in the beautiful beach City of El Segundo, California and I offer an array of psychotherapy services.

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Through my work with the dolphins and love for animals I found a huge sense of healing, and wanted to share this beautiful gift with others.


I am recovered from an eating disorder and exercise addiction, have devoted my life to help others recover from eating disorders, exercise addiction, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, and transitions of life.


The LONGEST and MOST important relationship is the relationship we have with OURSELVES. Learning to give ourselves love will allow healing & growth in all relationships around us. This can be a challenging process when we are so disconnected and in pain, however when we allow love in, it’s a beautiful experience that shines on our whole world.

My life always circled back to my love for dolphins and created a company called Your Beautiful Beginning, which are Wild Dolphin Wellness Retreats.

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